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Sustainable mobility at the STS conference at TU Graz

 Ariane Wenger, Kay Cepera and Marlon Philipp are standing to the right of a lectern, with a welcome slide on a projector in the background. © Giuliana Turi (ETH Zürich)
f.l.t.r.: Ariane Wenger (TU Dortmund, ETH Zürich), Kay Cepera (TU Dortmund), Marlon Philipp (TU Dortmund)

At the STS conference at TU Graz, researchers explored various questions relating to sustainable mobility.

What are the factors that influence the choice of means of transport for organisational mobility? What changes in organisational mobility are already taking place and which are to be expected in the near future? What are the institutional barriers to more sustainable organisational mobility? These and other questions relating to sustainable mobility were explored by the speakers in the session on transforming organisational mobility towards more sustainability at this year's STS conference at TU Graz.

Researchers presented their research projects and results with contributions on opportunities and obstacles for reducing or substituting business air travel, the influence of mobile working on individual living space and the influence of e-scooters on the existing socio-technical mobility regime in the city of Poznan. The contribution by Kay Cepera and Marlon Philipp from the Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund offered approaches to explain mobility behaviour and examined the possibilities of introducing and designing incentive mechanisms to change mobility behaviour.