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Senior Professorship Sustainable Mobility

About the professorship

The task of the Senior Professorship Sustainable Mobility is to develop and implement concepts of sustainable mobility at TU Dortmund University in order to reduce the TU's carbon footprint and contribute to the sustainable transformation of the city and region.

In addition to the InnaMoRuhr project, one focus will be the NeMo.bil project, which will be implemented together with a consortium of engineers from Paderborn and social scientists from Berlin.

NeMo.bil pursues four goals:

  1. An innovative mobility system is to be developed.
  2. This is intended to close the gap between individual and public transportation and thus to
  3. enable a flexible mobility offer even in regions that have been poorly served up to now.
  4. In this way, the consumption of resources, land and energy as well as emissions are to be significantly reduced.

The Senior Professorship Sustainable Mobility follows on from work carried out by the Sociology of Technology research area between 2002 and 2022. Building on the experience gained with the SimCo traffic simulator, a network of institutes in the Ruhr region is to be established that have competencies in the area of computational social sciences, i.e., processing large amounts of data. This cooperation within the University Alliance Ruhr should help to better understand how the Ruhr region functions and how it can be transformed into a climate-neutral industrial region.



Since 2023, the Senior Professorship of Sustainable Mobility has counted the Alliance for Mobility among its cooperation partners.

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