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at the Senior Professorship Sustainable Mobility!


New mobility in the Sauerland region?

Representatives of the city and Stadtwerke Menden discussed with the NeMo.bil project whether the innovative mobility system could also be used in the…


First look at the INYO CAB

On 15 January, the INYO-CAB was presented for the first time at the ADAC test site in Penzing.


MoMeEnT Final Meeting

The results of the MoMeEnT project were presented at the final meeting in Dortmund on 3 November 2023.


NeMo.bil at the Mobility Dialog

The NeMo.bil project was presented during the Mobility Dialog at Hof Drepper in Iserlohn.

Moritz Ostermann presents NeMo.bil

Advancing the mobility transition in NRW

Christian Fronczak from the NRW Ministry of Transport MUNV visited TU Dortmund University on October 25, 2023.

Professor Johannes Weyer, Christian Fronczak from MUNV, Marlon Phillipp, Kay Cepera, Antonio Isopp and Sebastian Hoffmann (from left to right) stand in front of a large monitor on which the main features of the Ne.Mobil project are shown..

To the Moon and Mars?

Professor Johannes Weyer gave a talk at "acatech on Tuesday" to discuss the pros and cons of modern space travel.


Prof. Weyer during his presentation.

The Social Dimension of New Mobility

In the "NeMo.bil" project, a consortium from industry and science is developing an innovative, swarm-capable mobility system that is intended to…

Black and white "cab" in front of a glass wall. The cab doesn't have doors and the inside consists of two chairs facing each other.

Project completion: InnaMoRuhr sustainable mobility

Results of the InnaMoRuhr project regarding the design of sustainable mobility have now been presented at a closing event.

Prof. Weyer while opening the closing event.

Strategies for changing mobility behavior

At the 15th Mobility Science Forum on May 11th in the CityPalais Duisburg, Prof. Weyer gave a lecture on the modeling of mobility behavior.

Table with laptops and a man holding a presentation.

Current perspectives of science and technology research

On May 04 and 05, the spring meeting of the Section for Science and Technology Studies of the DGS took place at Dortmund.

Person typing on their phone.

Mobility and transport sector as problem children of climate protection

On 27.04. the regional dialogue "Sustainable Mobility" took place digitally in the Metropole Ruhr with a keynote speech by Prof. Weyer.

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Are we putting too much money into new highways?

On March 30, the WDR5 City Talk "Between Climate Crisis and Renovation Backlog - Roads in NRW" took place at 7:30pm at Wilhelmshöhe in Menden.

Logo of WDR

Modeling sustainable mobility: Impact assessment of policy measures

The 32nd edition of the TATuP was published on March 24th. with an article by Prof. Weyer, Fabian Adelt and Marlon Philipp.

Logo with a green outline of a face.

AI in everyday life - humanization of technology?

In an interview with Birgid Becker from Deutschlandfunk, Johannes Weyer answers questions about artificial intelligence.

Logo of the radio channel "Deutschlandfunk".

The interaction of humans and autonomous technology in the real-time society

Prof. Weyer gave a lecture at the 2nd SYnENZ Symposium on 15.02.23 at 18:00.

Portrait of Prof. Weyer during his presentation.